Wow, Amazon!

Amazon has, without notice or reason, canceled our ability to earn affiliate commissions through sales of recommended books on the Shop page. We have not been contacted by Amazon, and have been unable to reach anyone at Amazon – and have gotten no response to multiple inquiries. Wow, Amazon! Thank you for this opportunity to revisit our 4th step! 😀 It’s okay, there are plenty of other opportunities that do not require us to enter into a one sided relationship – most companies choose to remain mutually beneficial. See this space for future announcements about new funding options and other...

Music Meeting

Music meeting posters below are defunct. Meeting is now @ Sober Souls – find them on WhatsApp! We may host music in the future – watch this space!

Steps are Suggestions

Steps are Suggestions

“We must remember that AA’s Steps are suggestions only. A belief in them as they stand is not at all a requirement for membership among us. This liberty has made AA available to thousands who never would have tried at all, had we insisted on the Twelve Steps just as written.” – Alcoholics Anonymous Comes of Age pp 81, 1957